Other Projects

2014 Illinois Legal Aid Advocate Conference Website

I created the Drupal-based website for the 2014 Illinois Legal Aid Advocates conference to replace an out-dated Flash-based application.  The website allowd attendees to register as well as allowed conference organizers to create sessions, assign time slots and rooms, manage registrations, and upload session materials.  The website is built on the Conference Organizing Distribution (COD) distribution of Drupal 7.  It makes use of several contributed modules to deliver the functionality we require and one custom module to process some required form alteration. I used:

  • Views to allow the conference organizers to manage registrants, approve their hotel accommodation requests and access meal information and to manage sessions
  • Views Send to allow the conference organizers to send emails to specific groups of registrants based on registration status
  • Views Data Export to allow the conference organizers to export registration data to Excel
  • Spamicide for form spam protection
  • SMTP Authentication Support to allow us to send email through an external mail server
  • Mail System and MIME mail to allow us to send HTML formatted email
  • Rules to trigger specific actions when a user registered for the conference and/or when they were approved or denied
  • Register Pre-Approved to allow automatic approval of user accounts for users who already had accounts on another website.
  • Administration Views to customize the general website user list to include additional fields